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Boyo Strez Starter Pack (5's)

If you have always wanted to try our Boyo Strez but wonder if the quantity is too many for you, this Starter Pack is just the one you need! With 5 sachets in this set, you can try and experience sleep and mood improvement yourself in a week!


Boyo Strez is a Saffron Infused Botanical Beverage Mix with a twist of Orange that alleviates symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety as well as soothes your nerves.


Chasser les idées noires (chase away depressing thoughts); studies have shown that saffron has mood-enhancing as well as antidepressant properties and improves symptoms of mild to moderate depression.


Hence, saffron is known as the “Sunshine Spice” in Ayurvedic medicine – spicing up your day with warm, hopeful sunshine.


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow” – Hellen Keller




Boyo Strez is able to:

• Relieve anxiety and stress

• Improve mood

• Improve the quality of sleep

• Ease insomnia and other sleep disorders

• Relieve PMS symptoms and cramps

• Help the mind and body to rest and relax

Boyo Strez does not contain any colouring and preservatives. Boyo Strez is BKMM Certified (Bahagian Kawalan Mutu Makanan) and Halal Certified.




High in carotenoids and Vitamin B that increases serotonin - a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. As such, increased serotonin levels in your body enhance your mood while relieving anxiety and symptoms of stress.

Saffron also improves sleep quality while soothes your nerves.

In addition, saffron is also rich in antioxidants. It is helpful to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels, fights inflammation and reduces oxidative stress.

What is Saffron?

Saffron is hand-harvested once a year from the delicate pistil of the autumn crocus flower, Saffron enjoys an exotic reputation as being one of the world’s most expensive spices by weight. The Saffron crocus is a flower in the Iridaceae family that has been used traditionally in ancient Greek, Egyptian, Persian, and Indian systems of medicine, and has been propagated by humans as a clone for centuries.

Each flower contains just three crimson-coloured stigmas, connected to the long style that contains the ovary of the plant, and these are the parts used for medicine. Saffron crocus is mostly grown in Spain (La Mancha), Iran and Greece and flowers for only 2-3 weeks in the fall, when the stigmas and styles are collected by hand. As one of the most expensive medicinal spices in the world, Saffron is also commonly adulterated with the undesired yellow stamens from the plant, and other spices such as turmeric, safflower, and paprika. Saffron’s aroma and flavour are described as grassy and hay-like and adds a yellow-orange coloring to foods.

What is Saffron used for?

Cultures around the world utilise Saffron as a premium ingredient in important recipes, such as the famous Saffron rice in India, the important Spanish Paella, and Saffron cakes in England that are made to celebrate religious days. Saffron was revered to be as precious as gold and often used as a show of wealth and prosperity.

Saffron is considered warming and stimulating herb and was used in Traditional Iranian, Chinese, Indian, and Greek Medicine to invigorate and strengthen all systems of the body from head to toe. It was most commonly used to support healthy menstruation and cognitive function as well as liver and lung function. Modern research has echoed these uses and found significant benefits of Saffron in men and women’s reproductive function, eye health, and brain health. Saffron has also shown promise for supporting healthy brain aging and focus as well as promoting a balanced mood.



Studies have shown that Passion Flower improves sleep quality; it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep while increasing the duration of slow-wave (deep sleep. Passion Flower enhances the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, resulting in lower brain activity which helps you to relax and sleep better. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter — it counters neurotransmitters that cause excitement, and hence, it may have a calming effect.

Other studies have shown that Passion Flower has anxiety-calming (anxiolytic) effects and relieves anxiety symptoms as well as nervousness.

What is Passion Flower?

Passion flower (passiflora incarnata) is a herbal supplement used historically in treating anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and hysteria. A perennial climbing vine native to southeastern North America, passion flower is now grown throughout Europe.

What is Passion Flower used for?

The whole plant is used to make medicine, yet the stem and leaves seem to have the highest amount of chemical activity. When used in complementary medicine, passion flower is available as infusions, teas, liquid extracts, and tinctures.


According to studies, lemon balm may help improve the sleep quality of people who suffer from insomnia as well as reduce anxiety. Studies have suggested that rosmarinic acid (which is found in lemon balm) increases the level of neurotransmitters in the brain known as gamma- aminobutyric acid (GABA) which in turn helps you to relax and increase your sense of calmness.

Insomnia and sleep apnea, often accompanied by depression and anxiety, are common features of menopause. Lemon balm is believed to aid in sleep by acting directly on GABA receptors in the brain, delivering a mild sedative effect while stimulating the production of the "feel-good" hormone serotonin.

What is Lemon Balm Leaf?

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a herb in the mint family. Lemon balm is often used alone or in combination with other synergistic herbs and plays a role in optimising immune health, digestive health and providing a sense of balance for the nervous system. Its use dates back to the 14th century when Carmelite nuns used it to make an alcoholic tonic popularly known as Carmelite water.

What is Lemon Balm Leaf used for?

Today, lemon balm is used in traditional medicine as both a sleep aid and digestive tonic. It can be consumed as a tea, taken as a supplement or extract, or applied to the skin in balms and lotion. Lemon balm essential oil is also popular in aromatherapy, where it is believed to promote calmness and ease stress.

In the digestive system, lemon balm has historically been used to calm occasional discomfort associated with indigestion, gas and bloating. While still in the early stages, several human research studies show promise with the use of lemon balm to promote a sense of calm in the body, particularly when it is stressed. While human studies are limited, in vitro studies show promise for this herb in helping to promote a healthy immune system by initiating a healthy immune response and promoting the health of the cell wall.

Ingredient List:


Mannitol Powder, Orange Powder, Saffron Powder, Passion Flower Powder, Lemon Balm Leaf Powder, Salt, Citric Acid, Aerosil (Silicon Dioxide) and Tricalcium Phosphate.


Usage Directions:


One (1) sachet to be taken daily, preferably before a main meal or prior to bedtime.

It is highly recommended to drink a glass of water after consuming it for more effective absorption of the nutrients.

Not to be used if you are pregnant or lactating. If you have a medical condition (especially bleeding disorders) or are currently using any medication, kindly consult with your doctor before use.

This product is strictly for adults only. As this product may cause drowsiness, please do not operate any vehicle or heavy machinery after consumption.

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