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About B'ieune

 Be Bold. Be Young.

And that is what B'ieune is all about.

B'ieune had been in the works ever since we founded Mon Chéri. After years of research for a healthy beverage's best ingredients to complement one's daily diet, we finally established this brand as a way to bring an excellent product to the mass market.

While our sister company, Mon Chéri, takes care of your outer beauty, B'ieune will help you pay more attention to your health from the inside so that you can be healthier, and in turn, your skin would have a brighter glow.

The active ingredient for the collagen drink, marine collagen, is the best known selected Type 1 and Type 3 collagen for our skin. We can see visible results within two weeks of consuming B'ieune Collagen Beverage!

We took the time to research the ingredients (years!) for B'ieune Collagen Beverage so that we can ensure its efficacy for our customers. And we were right, our efforts proved successful after a long list of reviews and testimonials from our loyal customers!

It is easy to dismiss something that we can't see, and sometimes, we forget that we need to keep our body healthy too. That's why B'ieune and Mon Chéri are here to remind you that we work hand-in-hand to give your health and skin the attention it deserves!