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Based on 74 reviews

B'IEUNE+ Collagen Beverage (30's)


I love how it maintain my combination skin to moist

Such a surprised


Loved it

I could see the effect almost immediately. Not making me feeling hungry like any other collagen


It's surprising how much this stuff helps me with my joints. My knees are in bad shape since I lift big weights and have been an athlete my entire life. My knees don't pain as much with this collagen.


This is my second bottle, and I'm already experiencing improvements in my skin and nails.

Convenient & tasty

It was my first time to try it, I think that it was so easy to carry and taste not really terrible and I found out I like it.

Boyo Strez (20's)
Raymond Chan
Helps me with my mood

This product speaks to me much. This is the second box I've gotten. It helps me feel more calm, which I appreciate.

Present for mom

I bought this for my mom and she loves the taste!


My exercises are less painful and easier to recover from. I no longer have joint pain.

Skin & nails are improved

My skin's suppleness and texture have improved noticeably. My nails have grown in strength. My hair is growing faster and is more robust. It appears to strengthen my hair, and it has made a significant impact in my hair finally starting to grow.

Amazing skin glow

After consuming it, I really feel that my skin condition has improved a lot and also more firmer. Definitely will repurchase again.

Anti aging

This product is perfect if you are getting older and your skin is getting saggy. It really helps to regain firmness.

Bagus sekali

Saya telah menggunakan ini untuk seketika dan ia benar-benar membuat perbezaan pada rambut saya. Apabila saya mengambil ini, rambut saya tumbuh lebih tebal dan panjang.

Still new

I'm still on the first bottle, so I haven't had a chance to fully appreciate the results. For the past three weeks, I've been taking it. I'm hoping to see a difference in my skin. It might take a few months to determine if it makes a significant effect. I'll be happy if it improves the health of my joints.

The best hydrating essense

Love the hydrating effect on my skin. No longer having the dry and irritating feel.

Rasa sedap

Senang untuk diminum, rasa berry memang sedap! Rambut lebih bersinar dan panjang selepas minum.

Worth the money!

I'm a runner who was experiencing a lot of hip pain. I decided to give this a go, and it did not disappoint. I run 10 kilometers every day and have seen a significant reduction in my joint discomfort. Will certainly purchase again.

Must try

Give this a try, you will get amazing results

Sticking to this

For the first time in years, my skin feels softer and smoother than it has in years.

Skin is visibly brighter

After using this for a few days, the glow on my skin is visibly brighter. I stopped for a few days and then I knew it was the one that worked on my skin. I like to take the powder straight from the sachet so I can hold it in my mouth for a few seconds.

Boyo Strez (20's)
Christina K
Good for me

I take two in the morning and find that they make me feel happier and more confident throughout the day. These contribute to a general sense of well-being. I strongly suggest it. :)


I've felt excellent results using collagen peptide powder for aged skin.

I'm glad for Saffron

This proved to be a useful product. I use it to help me relax and maintain a positive attitude.

Love it!

I finally discovered the right one after a lot of research and wasted money on products that didn't work. I'm starting to notice benefits after only four weeks of use. My nails, which were previously dry and brittle, are now much stronger. My skin appears to be more bright.  I expect to see further progress.