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The best hydrating essense

Love the hydrating effect on my skin. No longer having the dry and irritating feel.

Boyo Strez (20's)
sarah chiew
Good value

Item received in good condition, price reasonable. However more discount or lower price, will be better. Will purchase again when needed. Delivery quite fast. Thanks

Boyo Strez (20's)
Tay Hui Yin

通过朋友的介绍认识boyo, 也试用了一段时间,的确帮助我改善了焦虑和失眠问题 😍

stress reliever

I have been having trouble sleeping for since the second lockdown. I had to resort to medicated sleeping pills which is bad. I found Boyo Strez and it’s natural - gave it a try and amazingly, it helps me to slowly get back to falling asleep naturally!!

Boyo Strez (20's)
Stephy Shim
Love it!

The products arrived safe and was packed well. The offer was the cheapest among all other sellers. Love the taste of this product!

Can sleep well now

Item wrapped properly and securely. After several attempts, it really help with my insomniac. Thank you seller!

Boyo Strez (20's)
Siti Nurul Izzah
Will buy again

I tried this few nights and I slept thru the night like a baby haha. Rasa orange, taste not that bad. Thank you ! 👍🏻👌🏻👍🏻👌🏻👍🏻🥰🤓🤓🥰

I felt good

I have tried many brands of supplement but find boyo more effective. No more anxiety of depressed feeling. You have more control of your mind and stress. 👍👍

Boyo Strez (20's)
Siti Najwani
A very worthy product

The item came in very good condition. Long expiry date. Very friendly, proactive and responsive customer service. Very good price. Good quality. Good for people who suffer anxiety.

Very helpful

So much better sleep ever night, sleeping through the night. Really worth trying and going to continue to replenish my supply.

Boyo Strez (20's)
Novelle T.
Tastes great

First time buying supplement from this shop. I first heard about this brand from my friend. At first I was sceptical, but seeing the reviews and certification that this company has made me decided to buy from them. The product is really tasty, not sour and not too sweet. Definitely worth the try!


Changed my life!


The delivery is okay. Not that fast and not slow either. Goods arrived safely and everything is enough.


自从服用boyo了之后, 我就再也没有失眠问题了!😁

Boyo Strez (20's)
Izzati Syauqina
Fast delivery

Penghantaran cepat pantas____ customer service peramah fast respon!!! Thankyou________


Smpai dalam keadaan baik bungkusan pun kemas

Boyo Strez (20's)
Thank you..

the item was received in good condition.. best price.. this is my second box, i think its working...improved my sleep problem.

Very fast delivery

Very fast delivery. Well packaged. Very long expiry date. Recommended product and seller! Great for reducing anxiety, better sleep.


非常推荐给有失眠问题的人!我经常睡不着觉,但吃了boyo之后不到半小时就马上睡着了,值得持续回购 👍

Boyo Strez (20's)
Yasmin Mazlan
Sweet dreams now!

This now become my before bed routine.. n yeah.. it tastes good.. also release my stress level.____

Boyo Strez (20's)
Nur syazwani
Worth buying

Good buying! Fast delivery and nice packaging! Promotion price!