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B'IEUNE+ Collagen Beverage Starter Pack (5's)

This Starter Pack is great for those who wish to give our Collagen Beverage a try. Each Starter Pack comes with 5 sachets.

Each sachet contains 2,500 mg collagen peptides.

85% of those who had bought our Starter Pack proceeded to buy our 30 sachets.


5 Major Benefits

  • Boosts Hydration, Firming and Suppleness of skin
  • Minimises Visible Lines, Pigmentations and Wrinkles
  • Filled with Potent Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals
  • Prevents Production of Melanin Pigments and Lightens Existing Age-spots and Freckles
  • Contains Collagen Type 1 and Type 3 that help to support skin, bone health, muscles, hair and nail growth 

Key Ingredients:


Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen - Supports Skin’s Hydration, Firmness, and Elasticity

Hydrolyzed marine collagen is known by many names such as collagen peptides, gelatin (cooked collagen), and collagen hydrolysate. It is then broken down into smaller fragments through hydrolysis. The body then absorbs these fragments and uses them to boost energy and repair damaged tissue cells.

Unlike the regular peptides in collagen, the hydrolyzed collagen powder is bioavailable - meaning higher and faster absorption rates. The smaller fragments are digested easier after being broken down into molecules before entering the bloodstream. The hydrolyzed form has an absorption rate of 90% compared to the 27% acquired through foods.

It helps the body to reduce skin damage caused by UV rays. It will provide you with supple, hydrated, smooth and firm skin through the production of new collagen and hyaluronic acid. It also has anti-aging and antioxidation properties that help the skin fight against free radicals while stimulating biosynthesis of the dermis, to lift and tone areas that need boosting. 


Natural Chitin - Protects and Moisturises the skin

Chitin is a natural ingredient that promotes moist skin through its ability to retain more water. It is also able to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, giving your face a healthier and vibrant complexion. Oral consumption of naturally hydrolyzed chitin can improve your skin's smoothness and suppleness. Natural chitin is a "smart nutrient" that adjusts moisture absorption based on humidity. It will help to increase your skin's moisture content. 


L-cystine - Boosts Antioxidation Capability and Reduces Free Radical Production

L-cystine and Vitamin C prevent the skin from producing melanin pigments and wash away the existing age spots and freckles. This will also promote liver health as L-cystine boosts the production of glutathione, and its antioxidation capability will protect the skin from reactive oxygen species. Its ability to suppress tyrosinase enzymes would mean lesser melanin production, while it helps your body to flush the melanin pigments.


Acerola Powder (Natural Vitamin C) - Rich in Vitamin C and Immune System Booster

The Acerola Powder (Natural Vitamin C) contains 65x more Vitamin C than in an orange, making it an antioxidant that can neutralise free radicals. It is an important ingredient for collagen synthesis, as it promotes a supple and firm skin, as well as the desired glow. The combination of nutrients perfectly hydrates the skin and improves its ability to retain moisture, as well as protect it against UV rays.


Cantaloupe Powder (Natural SOD) - Antioxidation and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The Natural SOD, found in Cantaloupe Powder, helps the body produce its antioxidation properties naturally and maintains your cellular health while protecting it against damages caused by oxidative stress. It will also reduce sunburn damage and quickens the recovery process - making it ideal for anti-aging treatment and promoting healthy immune functions.








    Direction of Use:
    Mix one sachet with 50 ml of room temperature drinking water and stir until it dissolves.
    Take 2-3 sachets daily. Recommended to be taken in the morning before meal and 2 hours before bedtime for best results.


    Additional Advice: 
    Consult your doctor prior to consumption if you are pregnant, lactating or allergic to seafood/marine products.

    Ingredient List:


    Sorbitol Powder, Collagen Powder (Fish), Acerola Powder, Cantaloupe Powder, Chitin Powder (Crab), L-cystine, Mixed Fruit Powder (Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Elderberry), Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Tricalcium Phosphate and Xanthan Gum. Contains acidity regulator, anti-caking agent and thickener as permitted food conditioner.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Czarina Alia
    Loved it

    I could see the effect almost immediately. Not making me feeling hungry like any other collagen