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Copy of All about B’IEUNE Collagen 2


B’IEUNE+ / Be Young

A botanical beverage mix of Acerola (Vitamin C) and Cantaloupe(SOD) extracts. A healthy drink that brings out your inner shine and flawless beauty from your very own skin!

隆重为您呈现 B'ieune+胶原蛋白 B'IEUNE+是由Acerola(维生素C)和针叶樱桃萃取(SOD)的提取物制作的一种健康的植物饮料,饮用本产品后,可以彰显您皮肤的内在光泽和完美无瑕的美丽!



B'IEUNE + beauty drink has a selection of / 5大活性成份

  • Marine collagen / 胶原蛋白
  • Natural chitin / 透明质酸
  • L-cystine / L-胱氨酸
  • Cantaloupe extract (SOD) / 天然SOD
  • Natural acerola extract (vitamin C) / 针叶樱桃萃取 (天然维生素C)


The 5 main active ingredients that mainly helps with supplying collagen for the skin, renew skin cells, improve fine lines, and reduce wrinkles.